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Cambodia Weather

Are you planning a trip to Cambodia, but are not sure what time of year offers the best weather for your trip? You’re not alone. Trying to figure out the weather patterns in Cambodia and neighbouring countries tends to be one of the most common questions asked by travellers planning their Cambodia holiday.

The weather in Cambodia can best be described as tropical. Depending on which area of Cambodia you’re planning to travel to, there are large differences in temperature and the amount of precipitation. The average daily temperature is 27° degrees Celsius.

Generally speaking, the best time of the year to travel to Cambodia is from October through to March, which is the dry season, when temperatures are more moderate. In April, Cambodia’s weather can easily reach temperatures of 40°C, and travelling through the country in these temperatures can be uncomfortable!

The rainy season runs from mid June until mid October, when the south-western monsoon causes heavy rains almost daily from June until October, usually during late afternoon or evening. The heavy rains don’t need to ruin your day, however, as the afternoon showers can often refresh the air and bring the temperature down. The rains in Cambodia are usually heavy but short and the rain usually leads to brief windows of beautiful skies with dark ominous clouds and amazing thunder and lightning. Most of all, the countryside and the paddy-fields are the most radiant shade of green during the rainy season. September is known for the most precipitation; however this can differ per region and each year is slightly different. Most people tend to avoid wet season, but there are definite benefits to travelling through Cambodia at this time. Of course there is plenty of rain, however it also far less dusty. The scenery is a deep, lush green and the waterfalls and rivers are at their most spectacular. During this time of year the day time temperature is approximately 24°C; the evenings can be slightly cooler.

The driest months of the year are January and February, and sometimes there is no precipitation at all during these months. You’ll notice that even though there’s no rain during a dry spell, the sky may not be clear blue, and can often be hazy or overcast. Cambodia’s weather is coolest between the months of November and January, but it’s unlikely the temperature will drop below 20°C. April and May are dry months; however as mentioned previously the temperatures can easily soar up to 40°C.

Perhaps you are planning to visit the beaches during your Cambodia trip? Although Cambodia isn’t as renowned for its beaches as much as neighbouring countries, the beaches in the bays around Sihanoukville and the deserted beaches of Kep are wonderful for relaxing and outdoor activities. Naturally you’ll want to have dry, sunny and warm weather during a stay at the beach, so the best time to visit is during the dry season which lasts from mid October to mid June although the hotter months of April and May are also ideal for Cambodia beach stays.

So if you are still unsure what time of year would be best for your Cambodia holiday, our advice would be to simply allow the Cambodia weather to be a part of your travel experience! Bring along a poncho and swimming clothes and you’ll be prepared for all that Cambodia has to offer. Cambodia is a great holiday destination all year; it’s just important to keep in mind that weather is always unpredictable. Just remember to pack a poncho and a sunny outlook!

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